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Qualifying Homes Can Go Solar with Zero Money Down and Save 30-50% off energy bills right away! 

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*Homes that switch to solar can expect to save 30-50% off home energy cost and not pay for solar until after system is installed.

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Why Go Solar Now?

Imagine if the electric company owed you money! Become your own power provider with SOLAR and SAVE as soon as your system is energized. Savings you can feel every month, every year for 25yrs Guaranteed!

If you can upgrade your home, save money in the process and it doesn't cost anything upfront, why not go solar?

0 Upfront Cost, Save Immediately with Predictable Payments while earning CREDITS on your electric bill. 

Improve Home Value, Solar Homes Sell for 4.1% MORE on Average

Claim Thousands in Solar Tax Credits but they Wont Last Forever 

Why Choose Flex Advisors?

Don’t like to be sold, neither do we. But we love to provide great service and we are bold enough to think we can change the world for the better. Since we are non-exclusive it allows us to compare the best installers and our project cost usually come in under market. You save money and we simply provide excellent service.


What do our clients say?

  • My experience with Flex Advisors simply put was 5 Star, very professional explained process in detail. I've looked at solar over the years, but they provided the right financial option that worked best for me. It was a no brainer. - Randall S, CA
  • Best Company ever, they handled everything. I am using the app daily to track our production and I'm pleased to say we producing more than we are using. - Katie H, CA
  • Great Company with excellent customer service. Best decision I ever made to go solar, couldn't be happier. -  Kim E, CA

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